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January 18, 2008

Old Bags

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It’s hard for me to resist quirky textiles from times gone by. The handmade-ness, the playfulness, and the colors of these pieces just make me happy, and then there is the fact that they are all bags. It’s too much!

vintage clothespin bag

vintage clothespin bag
Clothespin bag in the form of a plunging neckline baby dress. The legs and arm holes are sewn shut, so don’t worry, no baby could ever wear it!

vintage laundry bag
kitty and puppy laundry bag

Dutch girls socks and hankies bag. There is a seam right down the center of the bag to divide it in two.

I have to wonder, did the sock and hankies go in dirty or clean? Or was the bag purely for show? Whichever, it’s just about as cute as it gets.


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