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March 27, 2008

Just Another Thursday

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Tonight I, Jo, Kathy’s daughter, author of More Than Milk, will be guest blogging in my mom’s stead, as she is high on morphine in a hospital bed. As my dad says, it has been a big week for her. Welcoming her son home from Korea, busting the neighbor’s rooster, and having neck surgery. This makes three surgeries in the last two years I believe, one on her wrist and two on her spine.

mum in hospy

This time is was an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with plating and also something else we think at vertebrae 4-7. Unrelated to the last back surgery. Three of the discs between the vertebrae in her neck were crushing her spinal cord because her neck was curved the wrong way, which was causing her arm a lot of pain. Three discs in this condition is very rare, and from the doctors’ reactions it seems like she should have been nearly paralyzed or something. My mom is one toughie. So they went in and replaced those three discs with some artificial discy things, fused the vertebrate with plates, cleaned up the bone spurs and calcified mess that had grown in there, and now supposedly her spine should have the correct curve in the neck. To do this all, they went in through the front of the neck. Eek!

in through the neck

Today she enjoyed visits from my brothers and my aunt Holly who brought homemade caramels, and when I got there she looked great and felt great. Might have something to do that morphine drip. It probably didn’t hurt that she was in a brand new hospital that was like a hotel too. She’ll be able to go home tomorrow.  I’m sure she’ll have some blogging of her own to do very soon.

Spine surgery sounds like the scariest thing to me. I kept thinking, what if they paralyze her! or cut into her vocal chords and she loses her voice forever! or accidentally stab her throat and she can’t eat! So what a relief to see that all is well and my momma is fixed! I’m so lucky she’s my momma and I hope she recovers lickety split.


November 28, 2007

A Dusting

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From my front porch

I wish my real village was as picturesque as the cute Christmas mini villages. In actuality my street is a far cry from scenic. Yesterday when it started to snow, I snapped a picture from my front porch. Afterwards I realized it looks like I live in the middle of an industrial zone. I don’t, really, just a hospital, a clinic, a dentist, a bank and a funeral home are on my block.  Which makes it really convenient if I ever get hurt, get sick, get a cavity, get some money, or get dead.



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