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November 24, 2007

Happy Pie

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Another year older, another year wiser? Jo made this lovely birthday pie for me, and it was delicious with a capital K.

My birthday pie

This year I did some smart things and some dumb things. For instance, I:

  • scraped the snow off my driveway with my own atv snowplow–smart
  • took care of those tunnels in my right arm, carpal and cubital–very smart
  • got declared fully recovered from back surgery by Dr. Bess–smart
  • rode my motorcycle for the first time in over a year–smart and dumb
  • started working out with a trainer–smart
  • stopped working out with a trainer–dumb
  • started working out with a trainer again–smart
  • said good bye after 10 years to the best dog ever–just sad
  • saw my dream house start to take shape–makes me feel smart
  • killed a deer with my car–dumb (me and the deer)
  • got a speeding ticket–really dumb
  • put my ipod donut away so safely I cannot find it–I’m an idiot

The next year is going to be awesome, even though I don’t think I’m much wiser for having survived the last one. And I hope I can find that ipod thingy before my next birthday!


November 9, 2007

Pet me and you’ll live longer

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The whole family including my mother turned out to see Rosie in her first acting gig. The play was interesting and funny, and we discussed it for quite a while afterwards over dinner. Rosie, of all the moms there, you were the cutest and I was the proudest. I know I have to wait until after the last show to take a picture of it, but your costume was crazy perfect. Congratulations, kid!

The furry girls want on the blog.

Abbie the golden retriever, age 10 years


Penny the cat, age 13 years


Good animals, both.

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