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November 20, 2007

Let the Fun Begin!

Filed under: aprons,family,my world,sewing — Kathy @ 1:11 am

My family’s all here, those of us in the country that is, and serious preparations are underway for the holidays. Five thousand boxes of Christmas decoration have been hauled in from storage units and are waiting on the back patio for Santa’s elves to put them in place. We are doing some cleaning and sprucing up for company. We have our Thanksgiving assignments to cook up and take to my mom’s house on Thursday: three huckleberry pies, dinner rolls, and vegetables (which will be Company Carrots and Green Bean Casserole) for 27 people. What fun!

I probably won’t get much sewing done this holiday season, unless I decide to give some home made gifts. Now that I think about that, I probably should do it. I experimented with sewing a gift earlier this year for my mom.

This is what I made for her. Maybe she’ll wear it on Thanksgiving!


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