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March 26, 2008

The Price of Quiet: a little embarrassement

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The policeman tried. When my daughter called to complain, he even conducted a rooster stake-out, parked on the street a few houses north of me with his windows down.

But the rooster continued to crow, outwitting not one but two officers.

A few days later, seeing my next door neighbor holding his baby at church, I struck up a conversation.

me: That’s a pretty cute baby, and what a big boy he is, Eldon. What’s his name?

Eldon: This is Junior, yes, he is a chubby baby. How are you?

me: I’m OK. But I’ve been under the weather a little the last few weeks.

Eldon: Oh, I didn’t know that. I’m sorry your not feeling well.

me: (having the bright idea that I could get Eldon’s help in finding that rooster) Have you heard the rooster in the neighborhood crowing?

Eldon: Yes…

me: well, because I haven’t been feeling well, I rest on my bed quite a bit and listen to that rooster. I know it’s illegal to have a rooster in town. I called the police, but they couldn’t find it. My daughter called again, and they still couldn’t find it. Maybe you could call the police as well. The more complaints they get . . .maybe they’ll find it. But I don’t know who’s rooster it is.

Eldon: (somewhat sheepishly) It’s MY rooster!

Do I have to tell you how embarrassed I was? I wanted to sink into the floor. I really thought the rooster was farther away than next door. Eldon is a great guy. He didn’t know roosters were against the zoning laws here. He didn’t know his was bothering me. He assured me it would be gone in one more day. Then he called me at home later that afternoon to tell me I wouldn’t be hearing the rooster anymore. Oh? It’s under a bucket, he said. And tomorrow it will be in our freezer, he said. (And he was glad he wouldn’t have to go to jail.)

And he was right. I never heard that rooster crow again.

I like Eldon. I hope Eldon still likes me!


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