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March 26, 2008


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We were so excited we could barely stand it as we chose a spot at the bottom of the airport escalator to wait. The flight was late. He sat in the very last row of the airplane. Other returning missionaries from South America but on the same flight from LAX came by us. The other passengers came by us. The flight attendants came by us. The captains came by us. I held up my little welcome home sign. The other missionaries and their families hugged and wandered off to baggage claim.

Finally there he was, a beautiful young man I had waited two long years to put my arms around again.

After lots of hugs and some getting acquainted and reacquainted we managed to pose together.

Thanks for coming, Lynnette, Vanessa, Jessie, and Ava. And thanks for taking pictures!

A sight for sore eyes.

We had dinner at The Roof, where the men gave me a smile.

Finally, one last hug at home with Rosie, who had to perform in the school musical that night instead of coming to the airport.



  1. That is the most wonderful feeling, finally seeing you kid, now all grown up, come walking toward you. It’s a day none of you will ever forget, trust me.

    Comment by Marianne — March 28, 2008 @ 9:47 am | Reply

  2. How wonderful to have Andy home! He looks so good! He is one handsome dude! Love, Mom

    Comment by Grandma Smith — March 28, 2008 @ 11:17 am | Reply

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