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March 27, 2008

Just Another Thursday

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Tonight I, Jo, Kathy’s daughter, author of More Than Milk, will be guest blogging in my mom’s stead, as she is high on morphine in a hospital bed. As my dad says, it has been a big week for her. Welcoming her son home from Korea, busting the neighbor’s rooster, and having neck surgery. This makes three surgeries in the last two years I believe, one on her wrist and two on her spine.

mum in hospy

This time is was an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with plating and also something else we think at vertebrae 4-7. Unrelated to the last back surgery. Three of the discs between the vertebrae in her neck were crushing her spinal cord because her neck was curved the wrong way, which was causing her arm a lot of pain. Three discs in this condition is very rare, and from the doctors’ reactions it seems like she should have been nearly paralyzed or something. My mom is one toughie. So they went in and replaced those three discs with some artificial discy things, fused the vertebrate with plates, cleaned up the bone spurs and calcified mess that had grown in there, and now supposedly her spine should have the correct curve in the neck. To do this all, they went in through the front of the neck. Eek!

in through the neck

Today she enjoyed visits from my brothers and my aunt Holly who brought homemade caramels, and when I got there she looked great and felt great. Might have something to do that morphine drip. It probably didn’t hurt that she was in a brand new hospital that was like a hotel too. She’ll be able to go home tomorrow.  I’m sure she’ll have some blogging of her own to do very soon.

Spine surgery sounds like the scariest thing to me. I kept thinking, what if they paralyze her! or cut into her vocal chords and she loses her voice forever! or accidentally stab her throat and she can’t eat! So what a relief to see that all is well and my momma is fixed! I’m so lucky she’s my momma and I hope she recovers lickety split.


March 26, 2008

The Price of Quiet: a little embarrassement

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The policeman tried. When my daughter called to complain, he even conducted a rooster stake-out, parked on the street a few houses north of me with his windows down.

But the rooster continued to crow, outwitting not one but two officers.

A few days later, seeing my next door neighbor holding his baby at church, I struck up a conversation.

me: That’s a pretty cute baby, and what a big boy he is, Eldon. What’s his name?

Eldon: This is Junior, yes, he is a chubby baby. How are you?

me: I’m OK. But I’ve been under the weather a little the last few weeks.

Eldon: Oh, I didn’t know that. I’m sorry your not feeling well.

me: (having the bright idea that I could get Eldon’s help in finding that rooster) Have you heard the rooster in the neighborhood crowing?

Eldon: Yes…

me: well, because I haven’t been feeling well, I rest on my bed quite a bit and listen to that rooster. I know it’s illegal to have a rooster in town. I called the police, but they couldn’t find it. My daughter called again, and they still couldn’t find it. Maybe you could call the police as well. The more complaints they get . . .maybe they’ll find it. But I don’t know who’s rooster it is.

Eldon: (somewhat sheepishly) It’s MY rooster!

Do I have to tell you how embarrassed I was? I wanted to sink into the floor. I really thought the rooster was farther away than next door. Eldon is a great guy. He didn’t know roosters were against the zoning laws here. He didn’t know his was bothering me. He assured me it would be gone in one more day. Then he called me at home later that afternoon to tell me I wouldn’t be hearing the rooster anymore. Oh? It’s under a bucket, he said. And tomorrow it will be in our freezer, he said. (And he was glad he wouldn’t have to go to jail.)

And he was right. I never heard that rooster crow again.

I like Eldon. I hope Eldon still likes me!


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We were so excited we could barely stand it as we chose a spot at the bottom of the airport escalator to wait. The flight was late. He sat in the very last row of the airplane. Other returning missionaries from South America but on the same flight from LAX came by us. The other passengers came by us. The flight attendants came by us. The captains came by us. I held up my little welcome home sign. The other missionaries and their families hugged and wandered off to baggage claim.

Finally there he was, a beautiful young man I had waited two long years to put my arms around again.

After lots of hugs and some getting acquainted and reacquainted we managed to pose together.

Thanks for coming, Lynnette, Vanessa, Jessie, and Ava. And thanks for taking pictures!

A sight for sore eyes.

We had dinner at The Roof, where the men gave me a smile.

Finally, one last hug at home with Rosie, who had to perform in the school musical that night instead of coming to the airport.

March 18, 2008

Sewing Up a Lady

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I have been sewing, despite my stupid arm pain, because I committed to sew a costume for Rosie for her high school musical. I haven’t sewn clothes for a long time, pretty much since my kids were small. I’ve never sewn with this type of heavy upholstery material and I’ve never done metal eyelets before, so this was a bit of a challenge. It took me longer than it should have by over a week. Rosie is playing the part of a “lady in waiting” in the musical “Once Upon A Mattress,” so maybe it is appropriate that she had to wait until the day before the first performance for her costume.

Rosie, good luck tomorrow putting the show on for the elementary kids. They are a tough audience. But now I know you’ll look great!

March 17, 2008

Puffy Eye, Wonky Arm, and Sunday Spying

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My life has gotten strange. Today, I looked like a freak as I taught my Sunday School class because my left eye, which looked normal when I put make-up on it this morning, was swelling up for no apparent reason. And to make matters even worse, a member of the bishopric decided to sit in on my class today. Huh? I need supervision? And this is the day I have to look extra weird?

Puff the Magic Eye

A few days ago, my right arm developed a pain. I’m talking a bad, moan and grimace kind of pain. A sufficiently specialized doctor thinks it’s nerve pain and I probably need cervical spine surgery. That means in my neck. What?! And you’re not kidding? Not at all? I don’t really want more spine surgery. Been-there-done-that and it’s not exactly my choice of a pleasant afternoon pastime. But I may not have much of a choice. You can feel sorry for me for a minute here.
Now a narcotic pain killer keeps me drugged up to the point of, um, . . . I forget. You can stop feeling sorry for me here.

March 2, 2008


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There are some good reasons I’m not building my house out in the wilds of Idaho. One of which is roosters. Yes, you heard me, roosters. I’m kind of a night mama. I sometime, well, OK, often, well, OK, every single night, like to stay up late. The last thing I want is some cock-a-doodle-doer waking me up at the crack of dawn. I think there is some city ordinance forbidding residents of this village to keep poultry, because when we bought our lot, it, being on the edge of town and covering a few acres, came with some animal rights. The real estate agent told us we could have two large animals, like cows or horses. But absolutely no poultry. Which was an ordinance I could agree with.

Now, I’m not living out on that lot yet. I’m right in the middle of town, the “inner village.” The last few weeks, I have heard a rooster outside my bedroom window. A ROOSTER! Not a cute little bunny, not a sweet woolly lamb, not even a yipping fluffy puppy. A rooster. Not only does this criminal crow at the crack of dawn, he does his thing at 1 am and 2:30 am and 4 am and you-name-it am and also every-other-hour pm.

So what to do? The police? A friendly neighborly visit? An anonymous letter?

I don’t know who is keeping this bird. It’s not my immediate neighbors, Heather and Eldon and their four cute little kids. I like kids. I can tell the difference between kids crowing and ROOSTERS crowing. Kids are allowed in the village, criminal roosters are not. At least that’s what I hope.

I might have to go on a little detective mission with my camera, you know, find the criminal and give the police the bird, as in something to go on.

Maybe it would be quieter out in the wilds.

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