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December 30, 2007

Joyful and Triumphant

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Since I’ve last posted, I’ve done a few fun things, like go to Las Vegas, stay in a fun hotel and go to a bowl game where our team won by a point.

The Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas
The Bellagio

BYU vs. UCLA, Dec. 2007
The 2007 Las Vegas Bowl

We made it home in time to try something we’ve never done before, and which the recipients may not want us to do again:

Caroling on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve caroling with an accordion player.

The best telephone call of the year also came on Christmas Eve from halfway around the world from Andy in Korea.

Andy in Korea

Andy is on the left.

The next morning was just good old Christmas fun, and I was richly blessed by those who love me. Thanks to Scott, Mom and Dad, Connie, Jo, Matt and Rosie for the love and goodness. I certainly don’t deserve it.


December 6, 2007

Gotta Love It

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My old life was in south county of Orange County, California. My new life is here in this small town. Some things I’ll probably never get used to:

  • Old life: people park on the street or in their driveways. New life: people park on their lawns. Next to the old refrigerator.
  • Old life: discretion rules. New life: People gossip about you and you hear about it.
  • Old life: weather is a topic of small talk. New life: praying for rain is a common occurrence in church.
  • Old life: pop is culture. New life: pop is soda.
  • Old life: you make average money. New life: you make the same money but now you are considered rich.
  • Old life: you never personally know anyone you vote for in a public election. New life: the mayor is best friends with your husband.
  • Old life: you need some party clothes, particularly during the holidays. New life: just wear your jeans.
  • Old life: you are anonymous at the market. New life: you can’t go to the grocery store without having several conversations with people you know.
  • Old life: you never ever see a real cowboy. New life: one of those grocery store conversations might be with a real cowboy.

    Seen in the grocery store parking lot
    Seen in the parking lot of the local market.

    So life here is always interesting, and that’s what I love about it. I try
    to appreciate what’s good about small town life. It’s the only way to survive here.

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