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November 27, 2007

A-wimoweh, A-wimoweh

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The next category of Christmas decorating is peaceful villages. Because it takes a village to make a good Christmas.

Tin Christmas village

This little tin village sits on the glass end table in the living room. It is a Hallmark ornament series I collected a few years ago, but I’ve never hung them on the tree. There are only nine little buildings in this village, and I use some miniature Hallmark ornaments like some reindeer and some cars, planes, and fire trucks in the village too.

David Winter village

Here are the David Winter cottages that sit in the dining room. They are cast of a solid stone-like material and are quite heavy. Don’t they make a charming English village?

David Winter village

The toymaker’s shop and the clocktower.

Sadly, neither of my villages are in current production. The tin village mayor enacted a building moratorium, and so the town is as big as it is going to get. The David Winter village sometimes gets a “new” house thanks to the “Interweb Real Estate Co.”

Christmas storybooks

The Christmas books, most of them children’s storybooks, sit underneath the David Winter village.

I buy a few new books every year, and we read them too. I guess if I still had little children we might get through them all at bedtimes during December, but now that we are all big and busy, we are lucky to read through a few of them together during the season.

Oh well.


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