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November 10, 2007

Find the guy poking his eye out

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Matt and I headed south today to watch Utah State get slaughtered by Boise State. There were probably more Boise fans there than Aggie fans. We did not feel like the minority in our blue and orange. It’s kind of painful to watch the Aggies. I feel sorry for them because they are on such a long losing streak. Our friend Van, who is a student at USU, asked us to bring him an orange hoodie to wear, but he still cheered for the Aggies. Matt, on the other hand, is a true Boise State fan, having been a student there.


Matt and Van

This evening brought round two of “Adaptation.” A good mother goes every night to see her daughter in a play, right? Fortunately for me, this play makes you think, so a second and third viewing isn’t tedious at all. And when your daughter is this cute in her costume, all the better.


Rosie as the Mother

That vintage dress Rosie is wearing came from an estate sale of my sixth grade home room teacher, Mr. Boden, after his death. Maybe his wife or one of his daughters originally wore it. On Rosie, it’s killer. And she is killer in the production.

After the show, Dad and I decided to try out dinner at a new place in town. I give them credit at least for having a website. The place is decorated like a 50’s diner, and the food is not half bad, the veggies were fresh grilled, the mashed potatoes were real, and the butter was too. Plus, and this is a plus, I think they are the only game in town for breakfast. Ooh, I kind of feel like a food critic right now!

Top 10 Observations today:

10. That obnoxious guy rule applies in every stadium at every game.

9. If Boise State plays USU, I cheer for Boise.

8. Hardly anyone cheers for USU.

7. If Boise State were to play BYU, I’d cheer for BYU.

6. This town smells like a burning haystack.

5. A burning haystack might have more customers than the restaurant we were at for dinner.

4. Pressure washers can baffle really good attorneys.

3. A really good pressure washer-er probably doesn’t make squat.

2. Maybe the pressure washer-er should go put out the burning haystack.

1. I make squat.



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  1. an ammendment to my rule of “you are not a legitimate business if you don’t have a website” is “having obnoxious music on your business website deligitimizes the legitimacy of your business with a website.”

    Comment by jo — November 11, 2007 @ 2:14 am | Reply

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