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November 8, 2007

We will fight, day or night

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Two football games in one week at LaVell Edwards Stadium. Tonight it was a beautiful evening for football. Chilly but not freezing. A nice 27-22 win over TCU. And I scored a program so I can study those player’s names and numbers! Some in my family have accused me of being a casual fan, or not fully committed. Come, come now. I never used those words to describe myself. I’m perfectly serious and committed to my football shallowness. I’m a little bit fascinated by the ladies who sit directly in front of us at every game. I think they are so sweet and cute.


I hope when I’m a great great grandma I’m representing like this!



One likes the old school colors. The other has hair to aspire to!

Top 10 Observations at the game tonight:

10. One half the crowd came after kick-off.

9. The Horned Frog is the ugliest mascot on the planet.

8. Cougars eat fried Horned Frog legs for dinner.

7. The most obnoxious mouth always sits right behind you.

6. Camera men like to wear shorts even when it’s 40 degrees.

5. Wearing shorts will not insure that you get the shot.

4. Paper airplanes fly better at night.

3. The BYU players do way too much cheerleading.

2.  Maybe if mormons were drinkers they would cheer louder.

1. Those Texas cops could have carried water or something!




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