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November 6, 2007

Bringing up the Rear

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From the street, we wanted our new house to look fairly modest and low profile. So instead of looking three stories tall, it looks like one story with some windows in a shed dormer. From the back, with the view windows and the walk out basement, there is no way to disguise the size. That’s OK though, because there is not a street behind our house, so anyone who sees it will be looking across the hollow from a distance of about one and a half football fields away. (This distance was scientifically calculated by Jo while lying in bed with twenty internet windows open.) Here are views from behind the house.

From the southeast corner.

From the northeast corner.


Here you can see the drop-off that goes down into the hollow, looking northeast.


Standing where I am in the picture above, I couldn’t get the whole house in my viewfinder. I like that the house is big though. I’ve been craving elbow room for the past eight years and it’s finally happening. I’ve also been craving a garage, a quiet street, enough bedrooms, a shady back yard and kitchen appliances younger than my children. Yup. Dream house.




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  1. I. Can’t. Wait. might have to say that every time you post about the house.

    Comment by jo — November 8, 2007 @ 3:02 am | Reply

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